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Rob looked after us from start to finish, taking us through the process, but listening to our needs and acting on them along the way.
M & F Edwards


About Us

Robert Laughlin Pole Homes have come to where we are today via a backdrop of 30 years experience as a carpenter builder. It is only now, having completed several of these designs that I feel compelled to put myself out there in the market place and offer these design/building/consultation options to anyone else out there who may share my aspirations and ideas, which include:

  • The use of minimally processed materials, including raw timber and galvanised steel.
  • No attempted reproductions!
  • Build not to appease current fleeting trends or peer pressure but with a long term view to an efficient and sustainable future.
  • Remember when I am looking at a new site to treat it with respect and understand that we haven't bought the right to destroy it, but should consider ourselves only a temporary custodian.
  • When choosing between products or design features, function, for me, always takes precendence over form and if not happy with the form I will re-form it until it functions.
Although only a brief outline of what i'm about, I hope it makes some connection and inspires you to look beyond the square. Robert Laughlin.

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